New concrete supports for solar panels: Solarbloc® H-S

Solarbloc H-S: The last novelty of Pretensados Durán in solutions for photovoltaic installations

Solarbloc H-S/18 has a low centre of gravity to give stability to the assembly. It has been manufactured in four different angles, 15º, 20º, 25º, 30º.  Furthermore, installation is immediate. All that is needed is to unload the delivery truck, put them in their final location and they are ready to fix the solar modules.

The Solarbloc concrete supports for solar panels are developed with a geometry and a mass that allows the panels to be fixed directly to the support. The mass is necessary to counteract the force of the wind and external agents. However, the support does not have to be anchored to the roof, so it does not affect its waterproofing.

This way, the entire Solarbloc range has been developed taking into account the role of companies in the sector and their needs. For this reason, Pretensados Durán incorporates from its first designs to the Solarbloc structures the concrete rails of own invention, where the modules can be fixed by means of standardized screws.

The Solarbloc H-S/18 range for solar farms has the following characteristics:

  • It is made of reinforced concrete.
  • It has a high density and resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents.
  • It offers great durability.

“Solarbloc is the patented assembly system of Prestressed Durán, designed to facilitate work, shorten execution times and reduce the components required for the installation of photovoltaic panels”

SOLARBLOC® H-S will attend the next edition of Genera 2020, where we will present our latest news.

At Solarbloc, we work continuously to improve the quality and durability of our solar panel mounts. Therefore, we use innovation as the main force to drive our career. We always take into account the needs of our customers, by and for whom we make continuous improvements.