The Portuguese technical-professional magazine of the renewable energy sector RENOVÁVEIS MAGAZINE has echoed our SOLARBLOC® supports in the new edition of its magazine.

In it, they talk about the SOLARBLOC® supports as one of the most innovative and exclusive products in photovoltaic matter, they make a review of the trajectory of Pretensados Durán, S.L. in the renewable energy sector. They also explain in detail what the SOLARBLOC® supports consist of and how to assemble them in simple steps.

This collaboration has been possible thanks to the fact that Portugal has trusted the SOLARBLOC® solar panel supports in many photovoltaic installation projects. Among them, we can highlight the collaboration of SOLARBLOC® with renowned companies in the country such as ALFERPAC LDA, SOLAR ALGARVE RENEWABLE ENERGY LDA, TEMPLARLUZ LDA, SUN ENERGY LTD, NEXO SERVIÇOS DE ENGENHARIA LDA, SMARTWATT LDA, BARAO E COSTA RENOVAVEIS LDA, ERTEC LDA and many others. Thanks to companies such as these, we continue to make our way in Portugal with innovation as a banner in the field of solar energy, with the intention of continuing to improve our product and our services for a more sustainable future.

Since 2015, with the introduction of new regulations in Portugal, the way was opened for self-consumption in the country and for the market to start offering photovoltaic kits for residences and companies, with an exponential increase in solar energy expected in the coming years.

Self-consumption of energy is an upward trend and a clear commitment by countries worldwide to save and generate their own energy in the coming years. In fact, with the Portuguese government’s energy plan “Roteiro para a Neutralidade Carbónica 2050”, ambitious objectives have been established in this sector such as: covering 80% of the country’s electricity demand with renewable and clean energies by 2030 or electrifying 65% of the Portuguese economy by 2050.

You can read the magazine online or download the new edition Nº43 in the download section of RENOVÁVEIS MAGAZINE.