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The entire range SOLARBLOC has been developed taking into account the role of companies in the sector and its needs, it is an innovative and exclusive product. A prefabricated concrete support for mounting solar panels on roofs and flat surfaces.
It designed, developed, manufactured and registered by PRETENSADOS DURÁN, S.L.


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SOLARBLOC is the mounting system patented by PRETENSADOS DURÁN, S.L. that does not use metallic structure for installing solar modules on flat roofs or surfaces. Designed to facilitate the installation work, shorten execution times and reduce the components required for the installation of photovoltaic modules.

The range SOLARBLOC is characterized by being of reinforced concrete, it has a high density and resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, achieving a high durability. Furthermore structures SOLARBLOC by its constitution and mass are able to counteract the strong wind load originating from solar panels installed on these.

Soportes para placas solares fotovoltaica SOLARBLOC

With models SOLARBLOC Roofs and Flat Surfaces may tackle photovoltaic installations in decks or floors easily, and angles of 10º, 12º, 15º, 18º, 28º, 30º and 34º get you get the best performance of solar panels depending the needs of the installation.

Meanwhile the new structures SOLARBLOC HS/18 are a large format for the construction of solar farms, allowing fixing panel directly without requiring any foundation or ramming or assemble metal structure. SOLARBLOC H-S/18 has a low center of gravity for stability to the assembly and are manufactured in four different angles, 15º, 20º, 25º, 30º. Installation is straightforward, you just need to download the delivery truck, place them on its final site and are ready to set the solar modules.

The entire range SOLARBLOC has been developed taking into account the role of companies in the sector and their needs, so PRETENSADOS DURÁN, S.L. has incorporated into its structures SOLARBLOC novel concrete rails where to set the modules using standardized hardware.

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Founded in 1991 as one of the first companies in Badajoz for the manufacture of precast concrete. Always aiming to improve PRETENSADOS DURÁN, S.L. has developed new products for other fields such as renewable energy.


PRETENSADOS DURÁN, S.L. has a department of I + D + i , which is responsible for the invention of products SOLARBLOC and development. Copies to protect the brand and the invention of our products have in place several patent records, which can be downloadedaccessing the PRIVATE AREA.


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