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The solar panels of an installation are not always arranged in the same way. Depending on the characteristics of the property, weather conditions or obstacles around the house or business, we will install our solar panels in a certain way.

In our case, a coplanar structure is a system for placing solar panels that takes advantage of the slope of the roof where the photovoltaic installation is to be carried out.

This new Solarbloc 0º Coplanar system works as a self-supporting structure so it is not necessary to perforate the support area, thus eliminating the risk of water seepage on roofs.

The main application of this system is on roofs and flat surfaces with a maximum slope of 10%. The Solarbloc 0º Coplanar structure reproduces the slope of the roof, the installation being integrated with a maximum height of 12.5 cm.


No siempre los paneles solares de una instalación están colocados de la misma forma. Dependiendo de las características del inmueble, de las condiciones meteorológicas o de los obstáculos que haya alrededor de la casa o negocio, instalaremos nuestros paneles solares de una determinada manera.

En nuestro caso, una estructura coplanar es un sistema de colocación de paneles solares que aprovecha la inclinación de la cubierta donde se va a realizar la instalación fotovoltaica.

Este nuevo sistema Solarbloc Coplanar 0º trabaja como estructura autolastrada por lo que no es necesario perforar la zona de apoyo, por lo que se elimina el riesgo filtraciones de agua en las cubiertas.

La aplicación principal de este sistema se da en cubiertas y superficies planas con una pendiente máxima del 10%. La estructura Solarbloc Coplanar 0º reproduce la pendiente de la cubierta, quedando la instalación integrada con una altura máxima de 12,5cm.

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estructura para placas solares ejemplo

Characteristics of installations with SOLARBLOC 0º COPLANAR

  • Easy architectural integration, handling and assembly thanks to its low weight.
  • It allows to increase the power of the installation on the roof as it does not produce shadow on the rest of the modules.
  • Less load transmitted to the tyre with a weight of only 25 kg.
  • As they are individual brackets, they can be adapted to any solar module, regardless of its size.
  • A configuration with Solarbloc 0º Coplanar makes the photovoltaic system highly resistant to wind loads.

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