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SolarblocⓇ Covers and flat surfaces

SOLARBLOC is a holding for solar panels precast concrete, which is used for both indoor and flat surfaces. Designed to simplify assembly of the solar panels and reduce costs to the reduction in other materials.
The holdings are provided with inclination optimal for the highest performance of solar panels.

Soporte solar SOLARBLOC

Solarbloc Coplanar 0º

This new Solarbloc 0º Coplanar system works as a self-supporting structure so it is not necessary to perforate the support area, thus eliminating the risk of water seepage on roofs.

SolarblocⓇ East-West 15º

The new solar panel support has an east-west configuration designed to make the most of solar radiation throughout the day and enhance its performance in the evenings. It is SOLARBLOC’s latest innovation and has an inclination of 15º. This type of support is particularly suitable for flat roofs, such as buildings or warehouses.

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Solarbloc HS/DT 10º

Comprising two structures that support the modules with their dual 10-degree tilt, it is designed to maximize the installation’s power output and save costs for solar farms

Designed for ground and roof installations where the distance from the module to the ground is essential so that during the winter months the snow remains under the modules, and during the warmer months the vegetation does not affect the production of the module with shade.

SolarblocⓇ HS/18

SOLARBLOC for solar and autoconsumption orchards is a precast concrete part that acts as a foundation and holding structures and solar panels, this being designed to facilitate mounting of the solar panels and reduce costs to the reduction in other materials for such assemblies accordingthe conventional embodiment.

soalrbloc H-S

SolarblocⓇ Multi-ballast

SOLARBLOC® Reinforcement Ballasts for Roofs and Flat Surfaces are designed to increase the weight and height of the support structure when the conditions of the photovoltaic installation require it.

SolarblocAnti-Buckling System

To solve this limitation of the module’s mounting position, the Solarbloc Anti-buckling System offers the necessary rigidity so that the module does not suffer deformations that affect its integrity. Proof of this are the satisfactory tests carried out by Pretensados Durán S.L. to check the deformations of this system.

SolarblocⓇ Rail extension

The rail extension system consists of sections of metal profiles fixed to the Solarbloc structures on which the solar modules will rest and can be fixed with the required spacing between clamps..

Solarbloclevelling system

The Solarbloc levelling system consists of levelling screws, profile sections to support the modules and fixing clamps.

Solarbloc Complements

For the complete installation of SOLARBLOC modules, we offer accessories to assist you in any situation you may encounter.

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